Green investing for a better future

Townsend Cole Group has made a commitment to help preserve the environment by acting responsibly.

Moral investing

From the beginning, Townsend Cole Group has striven to be an ethical investor. While acknowledging that our primary objective is to maximize return for our clients, we understand the importance of making real contributions to the society that makes this wealth possible and the benefits that accrue to all when we do this.


Townsend Cole Group aspires to helping make the world a better place by acting in a manner commensurate with our status as corporate citizens sharing the rewards of our practice with those who are otherwise denied access to the basic human comforts and services most of us take for granted. One of our projects assists learning-disabled children in Kaohsiung and Tainan by underwriting special intensive education classes.

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Our Principles

We pledge to adhere strictly to traditional principles of honesty, transparency, and fiscal responsibility.

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We Give Back

Endeavoring to improve the lives of those in our community.

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About Us

We provide professional investment services with a focus on innovation.