Honesty is our guiding principle

We pledge to adhere strictly to traditional principles of honesty, transparency, and fiscal responsibility.

Our clients come first

When Townsend Cole Group began operations, we tried to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, imagining what we would personally consider most important in an investment service. In particular, we identified company attributes that we would consider absolutely essential.

We acknowledge your inherent value

We recognized that an excellent investment service must always recognize and appreciate the value of its clients as both investors and human beings. Townsend Cole Group always keeps this in mind. Our only job is to assist our clients to achieve financial security and independence. To ensure this, we ask them to tell us their needs, and we listen much more than we talk.

We treat every client as unique and individual

We are aware that every client is an individual with unique needs, and so we always offer tailor-made investment programs, never generic, off-the-shelf solutions. Our clients appreciate that we seek a deep knowledge of their short and long-term financial goals and their level of risk aversion before recommending an investment strategy.

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We treat clients as unique individuals

We strive to get to know our clients and their financial requirements. Taking that extra time means we can provide them with much more effective solutions.

Two for the price of one

With most investment services, clients interact with just one representative but Townsend Cole Group provides clients with two primary contacts, guaranteeing there is always at least one representative available to take care of any requirements.

Our independence precludes conflicts of interest

Townsend Cole Group operates independently of any provider of financial instruments we may recommend so we are always firmly in the client’s corner. We have no vested interest in promoting one investment over another and we never offer any in-house investments.

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Corporate Citizenship

Townsend Cole Group has made a commitment to help preserve the environment by acting responsibly.

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We Give Back

Endeavoring to improve the lives of those in our community.

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About Us

We provide professional investment services with a focus on innovation.