Helping to make a difference

Endeavoring to improve the lives of those in our community.

Supporting employee generosity

Townsend Cole Group considers social responsibility to be a core employee value and a key component in our corporate identity. Our company policies enthusiastically support charitable efforts by our employees, guaranteeing they have all necessary resources.

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Volunteer activities

Townsend Cole Group encourages team members to volunteer their time to support the company’s charitable endeavors and community initiatives as well as their own. To this end, we provide them with sufficient time off for this purpose.

Environmental health

The long-term health of our business depends upon a clean and safe local ecosystem and a stable, life-giving planet. Townsend Cole Group is committed to reducing its own carbon footprint by adopting sustainable, green alternatives whenever possible.

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Our Principles

We pledge to adhere strictly to traditional principles of honesty, transparency, and fiscal responsibility.

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Corporate Citizenship

Townsend Cole Group has made a commitment to help preserve the environment by acting responsibly.

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About Us

We provide professional investment services with a focus on innovation.