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Townsend Cole Group provides tested and reliable strategies for achieving financial independence.

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The discovery process

The first step in determining your optimal investment strategy is to go through a careful, deliberate and detailed discovery process. At Townsend Cole Group, experienced advisors will lead you carefully through a planning procedure designed to address several broad areas. This holistic investment approach enables Townsend Cole Group to create an accurate snapshot of your financial situation that considers your objectives and priorities, helping to ensure a secure financial future.

  • Financial evaluation: First, we develop a detailed picture of your current financial situation, working with you to define your goals and determine an appropriate level of risk.
  • Securities suggestions: Based upon information gathered during the discovery meeting, we present you with several strategic investment opportunities we believe to be appropriate to your situation.
  • Integration: With your input and explicit consent, we then integrate the various financial instruments you’ve agreed upon into a coherent investment portfolio designed to achieve your financial goals.
  • Maintenance: Finally, we continually revisit your portfolio’s performance, evaluating and recommending changes whenever the market or your situation changes.
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Investing Options

Which investment methodology is best for you?

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Where We Invest

We provide a comprehensive selection of investment assets.

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We provide custom investment solutions for every situation.