Choice of assets

We provide a comprehensive selection of investment assets.

Globally connected

Townsend Cole Group is connected to major markets around the world, including New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and other transparent and well-regulated jurisdictions. Our clients can trade in these markets during normal business hours, as well as in pre-market and post-market sessions (subject to some legal restrictions).

Townsend Cole Group clients also gain full access to emerging securities markets in Asia and Latin America, including India and China, through arrangements established with local trading partners. In almost all cases, trades can be settled within one business day. All of our strategic partners are fully-regulated and benefit from world-class governance.

Bond funds

Through bond funds, Townsend Cole Group provides clients access to bond markets worldwide. All have been carefully vetted to guarantee they remain true to their disclosure documents (prospectuses) and that their management fees are reasonable. Through several trusted providers, we offer bond fund investments in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Commodities and commodity funds

Commodities – fungible assets like raw materials, basic resources, chemicals, agricultural or mining products attract investors from all around the world. Commonly-traded commodities include metals (gold, copper and iron ore), crude oil, sugar, corn and pork.

Townsend Cole Group has access to specific exchanges such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and London Mercantile Exchange. You can enter into this exciting – and volatile – market through exchange-traded commodity funds. These provide a convenient means of trading commodities without being concerned with taking delivery of a ton of corn or potatoes. In the case of precious metals, delivery can be arranged if desired.

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Our Process

Townsend Cole Group provides tested and reliable strategies for achieving financial independence.

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Investing Options

Which investment methodology is best for you?

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We provide custom investment solutions for every situation.