How we deliver

Townsend Cole Group provides several options for employing our market-beating performance strategies.

Expertise delivered for any investment model

Regardless of your financial knowledge level or the length of time you wish to invest, Townsend Cole Group can accommodate your needs through a highly-flexible, customizable menu of services.

Financial planning service

Clients with minimal experience in financial markets may prefer the security of Townsend Cole Group’s comprehensive financial planning service. Most primary investment decisions will be made on their behalf by financial professionals who have extensive experience managing risk while simultaneously building capital or generating income.

Brokerage service

For the more seasoned investor, Townsend Cole Group offers a professional brokerage service, providing global market access and flexibility to an extent that few in the industry can equal.

Estate planning

Inevitably, when the time comes to pass along one’s estate to family or to charitable causes, a new set of challenges is introduced. Most countries levy inheritance taxes, which can be quite substantial for larger estates. Without careful preparation, a large chunk of an estate can end up going to governments instead of loved ones.

Townsend Cole Group offers a professional, comprehensive legacy planning service to assist clients in devising strategies to avoid paying more estate taxes than are absolutely required.

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Financial Planning

We develop a comprehensive investment plan to achieve your goals.

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Townsend Cole Group gives you access to global financial markets with professional guidance.

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Estate Planning

Our professional expertise will ensure that your wealth is passed on to your loved ones or organizations you name.