Reaching markets around the world

Townsend Cole Group gives you access to global financial markets with professional guidance.

Identifying opportunities

Townsend Cole Group provides brokerage services and solutions to the more savvy investor that are designed to expedite their investment experience.

Clients collaborate with dedicated Townsend Cole Group investment professionals, who work to intimately understand their financial goals, identify outstanding opportunities offering the desired rate of return, and provide assisted access to all markets, while placing all Townsend Cole Group resources at the client’s disposal.

Townsend Cole Group: a full-service provider

Townsend Cole Group can provide access to a full range of investment opportunities, markets and supporting financial services to serve all of your requirements, including:

  • Stocks, mutual funds, commodities and fixed-income assets that are traded on advanced and emerging markets
  • Stock exchanges worldwide, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Pre-market and post-market trading sessions on U.S. exchanges
  • “Hedging instruments” (contracts whose value offsets any losses in primary investments)
  • Global trade settlements within one business day
  • Individual, segregated client accounts
  • A comprehensive investment tracking and alert service
  • Townsend Cole Group’s proprietary real-time system for account and market tracking
  • In-house and third party research and analysis tools
  • Professional guidance that understands and respects your level of risk acceptance
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Custodian accounts

Townsend Cole Group custodian accounts can be set up to handle the day-to-day management of your investments, while you retain overall ownership and control, including full access to our comprehensive brokerage services for securities trading and cash management.

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Financial Planning

We develop a comprehensive investment plan to achieve your goals.

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Estate Planning

Our professional expertise will ensure that your wealth is passed on to your loved ones or organizations you name.

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Our Services

Townsend Cole Group provides several options for employing our market-beating performance strategies.