A holistic view toward investment

We develop a comprehensive investment plan to achieve your goals.

All-encompassing strategy

Townsend Cole Group will analyze your current financial and personal situation and your financial goals, and then create a unique, tailor-made investment strategy optimized to provide the greatest chance of success.

After our own “discovery” tools identify areas of your financial portfolio needing attention, we assemble and launch an integrated investment strategy that takes into account your individual needs at each phase of your life. Issues we focus on include:

  • Maintaining your current lifestyle through to retirement
  • Understanding short-term and long-term objectives
  • Maximizing your income
  • Building effective hedges against market swings
  • Providing assistance to minimize tax liability
  • Minimizing exposure to risk
  • Helping achieve the retirement lifestyle you dream of

Strategic planning sessions

As you age and your lifestyle and financial requirements change, your investment strategy must also evolve. Strategic planning provides a means to understanding new challenges and to make informed decisions concerning your financial well-being.

Townsend Cole Group will schedule personal meetings with you at regular intervals to review your investment portfolio. These meetings ensure that major life changes – marriage, divorce, children, health changes, etc. – as well as any significant changes in the marketplace are taken into consideration and your financial plan updated as necessary.

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Townsend Cole Group gives you access to global financial markets with professional guidance.

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Estate Planning

Our professional expertise will ensure that your wealth is passed on to your loved ones or organizations you name.

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Our Services

Townsend Cole Group provides several options for employing our market-beating performance strategies.